10th Firebird Developers Day


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The 10th edition of the Firebird Developers Day was held in in the city of Piracicaba-SP-Brazil, at July, 20 2013, in the UNIMEP university campus, with the presence of 430 attendees.

To celebrate the 10 years anniversary of FDD, we had a new conference logo, very modern and beautiful. Also, several new merchandise with the new artwork was offered, like Swiss knives, backpacks, flasks, pen drives, as well the traditional t-shirts and mugs.

The 10th anniversary edition of the FDD was one of the most difficult to organize, since Firebird 3 wasn't still released, so there were no new features to talk about. Even so, we were able to provide interesting talks, including subjects that were never seen before at FDD. The conference had 11 talks, 2 mini-courses and the madness session. The speakers were: Carlos H. Cantu, Alexandre Benson Smith, Paulo Quicoli, Jederson Zuchi, Alexey Kovyazin, Marcelo Daibert, Wagner Ramos, Eduardo Jeclizka, Romilton Gonçalves, Michael Philipenkko e Denis Zubov. The talk's grid (in Portuguese) can be seen at the end of this page.

As always, attendees could buy products from sponsors with very special discounts! We were also able to collect donations to the Firebird Foundation from attendees, summing up to R$ 4.101,24.

I would like to thanks all the speakers, sponsors, attendees and all the other people that were involved in some way with the realization of this conference.

I hope to see you again in the next year, at the 11th FDD!

Carlos H. Cantu

Front view of the theater

Carlos H. Cantu - opening

ActiveDelphi magazine's stand

IBSurgeon's stand (Alexey)

Fast Report's stand

Object Sistema's stand

Alexandre B. Smith

Michale Philipenkko

Denis Zubov (FastReports)

Partial view of the greenr room

Wagner Ramos (Object Sistemas)

Alexey Kovyazin (IB Surgeon)

Partial view of the Theater

Marcelo Daibert

Partial view of the green room

Paulo Quicoli and Jederson Zuchi

Marcelo Daibert

Coffee-Break time

Carlos H. Cantu

Alexandre B. Smith

Romilton Gonçalves (SPData)

Madness Session

Eduardo Jedclizka

Partial view of the red room



Patrocinadores FastReport

Talk's grid