16th Firebird Developers Day


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The 16th Firebird Developers Day was held in the city of Piracicaba — SP — Brazil, in August, 3 2019, at Espaço Beira Rio. The conference was organized by FireBase, and had the presence of ~300 attendees coming from dozens of cities in different states of Brazil

As international speakers, we had Alexey Kovyazin (IBSurgeon and Firebird Foundation Committee member). The Brazilian speakers were Alexandre Benson Smith, Marcelo Daibert, Kelver Merlotti, Matheus Hunsche, Wagner C. Ramos, Vander Batista, Geomar Augusto, Márcio Dias and Carlos Henrique Cantu.

Session's grid

In the final session, there was a raffle for the attendees with dozens of items (licenses, courses, tools, etc) offered by our sponsors and supporters. All day long, the attendees could buy products from our sponsors with very special discounts, including IBSurgeon, FastReports, IBExpert, IBObjects, etc.

During the subscription process, the attendees were able to donate money to the Firebird Foundation. The amount collected this year was R$ 2.527,82. The list of donors is available athttp://www.firebirddevelopersday.com.br/fdd/16fdd_donors.html.

I want to thanks all the attendees, speakers, staff, sponsors and supporters. I hope to see all of you again in 2.020!


Carlos H. Cantu




ACBr's stand

BExpert's stand

Fast Report's stand

BSurgeon's stand

Safe Cloud Backup's stand

FireBase's stand

Alexandre B. Smith

Marcelo Daibert

Alexey Kovyazin (IBSurgeon)

Vander Batista

Carlos H. Cantu

Wagner C. Ramos





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