18º Firebird Developers Day (on-line)


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The 18th Firebird Developers Day was held online for the second time, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

From November 17th to 20th we had the presentation of 5 lectures with very interesting topics (listed below). Attendees were able to ask questions at the end of each session directly with the speaker. All participants were entitled to apply for an IB FirstAid license, offered free of charge by our longtime partner, IBSurgeon!

Of course, as usual, there were exclusive promotions and product raffles from some of our supporters/sponsors! Here's my thanks to the sponsors IBSurgeon, IBExpert, uniGUI, RED Soft in addition to the supporters ACBr, Steema, Woll2Woll and FastReports.

Special thanks to the speakers Alexey Kovyazin and Roman Simakov and to all attendees that donated money to the Firebird Foundation.

Carlos H. Cantu
FDD organizer


Sessions grid