1º Firebird Developes Day

(Location: UNIMEP - Methodist University of Piracicaba)

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The 1º FDD surpassed all of our expectations, as regarding quality as well public acceptance! Almost 400 people were present at the event, a very good number, specially due to the fact that Piracicaba is out of the axle Rio-São Paulo.

The event was hold in UNIMEP, using a great structure composed by a big theater with 600+ people capacity, and the Red-Room, with 200 places capacity.

We had a total of 13 hours of information, divided in 10 lectures, done in pairs, concurrently. The lectures subjects can be checked in the grid below.

Início Final Teatro Sala Vermelha
08:20 09:00 Event registration
09:00 10:20 Firebird access by FB .Net Provider and BDP
Speaker: Alessandro Ferreira
Accessing FB using ODBC
Speaker: Luiz Paulo de O. Santos
10:30 11:50 Procedures, Triggers and Events
Speaker: Carlos H. Cantu
Data normalization
Speaker: Heverton Carneiro
11:50 12:50 Lunch
13:10 14:30 Tips and Tricks in C/S applications using Triggers and Constraints
Speaker: Eduardo Mercado
Data migration to Firebird
Speaker: Erick Sasse
14:40 16:00 Firebird access options
Speaker: Alexandre Banzatto
Replication using IBReplicator
Speaker: Alexandre Magno
16:00 16:30 Coffee Break
16:30 17:50 Building UDFs in Delphi
Speaker: Carlos H. Cantu
WebServices with ASP.NET + Firebird
Speaker: Emerson Facunte
17:50 18:20 Draws and auction

PS: The Jaybird lecture was canceled since the speaker flight didn't arrive in time. It was substituted by the Data Migration lecture.

At the end of the event, some products had been drafted between the people: 1 license of IBObjects, 1 license of IBExpert, 1 license of TUsersSecurity, ClubeDelphi, SQLMagazine, MSDN and ActiveDelphi magazine subscriptions, event T-Shirt, FireBase and ActiveDelphi's CD and ClubeDelphi learning course in CDROM.

The newness of this event was the accomplishment of an auction to raise funds for the Firebird Foundation. A "life-time" license of the IBExpert and a signed book from Helen Borrie had been auctionzed, gentily yielded for its respective authors. The accomplishment of auctions in this kind of events is not common in Brazil, and until then we had some doubts about the acceptance of this by the public. Happily we had success, thanks to Jose Benício de Paiva, who bought the 2 products!

We would like to thanks everyone present. The event was promoted by FireBase, in partnership with DUG-BR, and will have an annual regularity. See you in 2005, at the 2º FDD!

Equipe DUG-BR

Alessandro Ferreira
Firebird access using FB .Net Provider and BDP
Luiz Paulo
Luiz Paulo de O. Santos
Firebird access using ODBC
Heverton Carneiro
Data normalization

Carlos H. Cantu
Stored Procedures, Triggers and Events

Eduardo Mercado
Tips and tricks with C/S
Erick Sasse
Data migration to Firebird
Alexandre Banzatto
Access options to Firebird

Alexandre Magno
Replication using IBReplicator

Emerson Facunte
WebServices using Asp.Net and Firebird
Carlos H. Cantu
Creating UDFs using Delphi
Sorteio no final do evento
Drawing at the end of event

Jose Benicio
José Benício, auction winner, signing the check

Rafael Alves (Unimep)
Akira, at the FireBase stand, holding one event TShirt

ActiveDelphi magazine stand

ClubeDelphi magazine stand
Partial view of the public at the theater
Partial view of the public at the theater

Partial view of the public at the theater

Partial view of the public at the red-room
From Left to right:
Jeff (ClubeDelphi), Gladstone (ClubeDelphi), Akira (DelphiBR), Luiz Paulo (VoxSite), Cantu (FireBase)

From Left to right:
Gladstone (ClubeDelphi), Luiz Paulo (VoxSite), Erick Sasse, Facunte, Akira (DelphiBR)