2º Firebird Developers Day


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The second edition of Firebird Developers Day was held in Piracicaba - SP, at 16/July/2005, at the UNIMEP theater, and had the presence of 600 people, making this the biggest Firebird conference in the world (regarding audience size). One of the greatest news in this edition was the presence of Jim Starkey (InterBase original creator and Firebird Vulcan developer) and Ann Harrison (IBPhoenix), bringing an extra brightness to the conference.

We had 10 lectures about generic Firebird related subjects, as Transaction control and configuration, new features of FB 2.0, Security in the FB Server, WebServices, dbExpress with FB, etc. In the morning, we had concurrent talks - six at all - in the theater and in the "red room". After the lunch, the talks were all at the theater.

All the conference participants received a conference kit, containing: folder, conference mousepad, conference pen and blank papers, sponsors product's flyers, trial cds, promotional stuff, etc.

This year we had a massive divulgation in generic media: one day before the event, Jim, Ann, me and professor Beto have done lots of interviews for Piracicaba Newspaper, radio Educativa FM (live interview) and cable TV UNIMEP! Firebird was in evidence in almost all the regional media!

I would like to thanks all the speakers, Jim and Ann for having travelled a few thousand kilometers to be here, all the sponsors (specially IBPhoenix), the public, UNIMEP (specially the people from the Information Systems course - Rafael, Baccarin and Beto) and to all the people that in some way or another were involved with the conference organization!

At the end of my talk I called Paulo Henrique Albanez (PHA) and Adriano dos Santos Fernandes on the stage and presented them to the people. They were very important to the development of the new international modules of Firebird 2.0, and the long awaited Brazilian collations!

After all the talks, we had a draw of many products from our sponsors to the public! A great time and a great fun!

I hope to see all the people again in the next edition, at 2006!

Carlos H. Cantu

People getting their credentials and the conference kit. In most part of the time, we had no more than 5 people in the queue.
Eduardo Rocha shared his knowledge with the public about the usage of Firebird and dbExpress with ClientDataset.
People from the "Medication in your house" project (Julio, Gustavo e Max). This is a great case study of Firebird usage by the Rio de Janeiro government. More than 100 Firebird servers, replication, Java, etc.
Luiz Paulo told to the audience why they should care about security on the FB Server, all how to achieve this with the correct configuration of the server, the S.O. and third party tools.
Professor Beto (from UNIMEP) spoke about Data Modeling and its impact in the quality of the data structure of a database.
Emerson Facunte talked about WebServices and Firebird.
Eduardo Mercado talked about Firebird transactions, giving examples of usage with the diferent configurations and isolation levels.
This was my talk about Firebird 2.0 new features.
At the end of my talk, I presented Paulo Henrique Albanez (yellow shirt) and Adriano dos Santos Fernandes to the public.
Ann Harrison, in her first talk about database corruption.
Jim Starkey, always joking with the public, spoke about Firebird Vulcan and what we can expect in Firebird 3.0
Jim e Ann shared a talk about Performance Optimization with Firebird (Ann is hidden behind the notebook :-).
Maurício Longo, our super-translator with an elephant memory, :-) Thank you very much, Mauricio! You are the man!
Partial shot of the public at the Red Room.
Partial shot of the public in the theater, occuping the 2 levels. The theater capacity is 800 people.
FireBase stand where people could buy my book (Firebird Essencial), CDs, Firebird keyrings and bottoms.
ActiveDelphi's magazine stand (Jean and Marcelo)
Tool Engenharia's stand (Borland partner). For the first time in the world, Borland was a sponsor of a Firebird conference (no, there was not InterBase there).
Partial view of the entrance of the theater.
After the conference we have taken Jim and Ann to taste the real Brazilian's barbecue. I think I don't have to say that they really enjoyed that, uh? :-)
Jim e Ann apreciating one of the most famous places of the city (the Piracicaba river).
Jim was not sure about swimming at the river or not :-)



Talks grid

Horário Teatro Sala Vermelha
08:50 - 09:00 Opening
09:00 - 10:00

dbExpress and ClientDataset with Firebird
(Eduardo Rocha)

Case study: Remédio em Casa
(Julio, Max e Gustavo)
10:05 - 11:05 How transactions works
(Eduardo Mercado)
WebServices with Firebird
(Emerson Facunte)
11:10 - 12:10 Security on the server
(Luiz Paulo de O. Santos)
Impacts of data modeling in the quality of the data structure of a database
(José Alberto F. Rodrigues Filho)
12:10 - 13:10 Lunch
13:10 - 14:10 New features of FB 2.0
(Carlos H. Cantu)
14:15 - 15:45 Database corruption
(Ann Harrison)
15:45 - 16:15 Coffee Break
16:15 - 17:45 Firebird Vulcan
(Jim Starkey)
17:50 - 19:20 Optimizing applications to Firebird
(Jim Starkey & Ann Harrison)
19:20 - 19:40 Closing