3º Firebird Developers Day


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The third edition of Firebird Developers Day was held in Piracicaba - SP, at July, 29 2006, in the UNIMEP theater, with the presence of 600 people, keeping FDD as the biggest Firebird conference in the world (regarding audience size).

One more time, the conference had the presence of big names of the Brazilian community, as well international speakers: Holger Klemt (IBExpert) and Alexey Kovyazin (IBSurgeon). Meiji Kimura also came from Japan to participate at the conference. We knew Meiji in the International Firebird Conference/Prague 2005.

The conferece grid (see the end of this report) included topics of great interest to the participants. For the first time, the conference had up to 3 rooms with simultaneous talks running, making it possible to have a bigger number of subjects being presented. To be able to do this, we used a big structure, composed by a theater (800 people capacity), the Red Room (200 people capacity) and the Green Room (200 people capacity).

The participants received a conference folder containing advertisement material from the sponsors, one copy of ActiveDelphi Magazine, a mousepad, pen and the conference CD, wich included a full copy of Fyracle, among other things.

As in the previous edition, the local media covered the conference, publishing calls in many newspapers. HardSoft TV covered the whole event, doing interviews with speakers and public. The edited material will be transmited by many Cable TV channels, and available by stream over Internet.

I would like to thanks all the speakers, sponsors, the public, UNIMEP (specially professors Rafael, Baccarin and Beto) and all the other people that was involved in some way in the realization of this conference, specially my great friend Luiz Paulo, whom helped me preparing the conference since day one.

Hope to see all of you again in 2007, at the next FDD edition!

Carlos H. Cantu

Emerson Facunte (Saraiva.com)

Maurício Longo (Morfik)

Cantu (Shutdown e Backups)

Tool/Borland stand

Protagon (NOD32) stand

Prof. Beto -DatawareHouse and Firebird

Partial shot of Greem Room

From left to right: Daniel Nascimento, Meiji, Alexey and Akira

Partial shot of Red Room

Bruno Lichot

Alexandre B. Smith (New features of FB 2.0)

Alexey Kovyazin and Meiji Kimura

ActiveDelphi stand (Eduardo, Marcelo and Fernanda)

Alexey - Interview for HardSoft TV

IBExpert stand (Holger and Andrea)

IBSurgeon stand

Partial shot of the public in the theater

Holger talk (Mauricio is doing translation)

Akira (DelphiBR), Facunte and Marcos (DelphiBR)

Stands area

Carolina (Safenet)

Akira (DelphiBR) and Virginia (Borland)

Cantu doing Alexey's translation

Coffee Break

Meiji and his Portuguese<->Japanese ilustrated book :-)

Draw of prizes at the end of the conference

HardSoft TV people with Cantu, Akira, Meiji and Alexey

FireBase stand

Typical brazilian barbecue after the conference

Eduardo Jedliczka (FB most frequently doubts talk)

Luiz Paulo (FB Security and Zebedee)

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Talks grid