4º Firebird Developers Day


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The fourth edition of Firebird Developers Day was held in Piracicaba - SP, at July, 14 2007, in the UNIMEP theater, with the presence of more than 500 people, keeping FDD as the biggest Firebird conference in the world (regarding audience size).

Once more, the conference had the presence of big names of the Brazilian community, as well international speakers: Mauricio Longo, Carlos H. Cantu, Alexandre Benson Smith, Manoel Pimentel e Felipe Almeia, Emerson Facunte e Rogério Cordeiro, Eduardo Jedliczka, Bruno Lichot, Holger Klemt (IBExpert), Dmitri Kouzmenko (IBSurgeon) e Nikolay Samofatov (Red Soft).

The conferece grid (see the end of this report) included topics of great interest to the participants. We had up to 3 rooms with simultaneous talks running. The structure was composed by a theater (800 people capacity), the Red Room (200 people capacity) and the Green Room (200 people capacity).

The attendees could buy Firebird related products with huge discounts (up to 65%), like IBExpert, IBSurgeon Tools, FastReports, FIBPlus, etc. At the end, we had a draw of many software licenses, including two Delphi licenses, books, magazine subscriptions and a few other things.

I would like to thanks all the speakers, sponsors, the public, UNIMEP and all the other people that was involved in some way with the realization of this conference.

Hope to see all of you again in 2008, at the next FDD edition!

Carlos H. Cantu

Sala Vermelha

Bruno Lichot

Marcos, Nikolay Samofatov (RedSoft) e Maurício Longo (Morfik)

Carlos H. Cantu (FireBase)

Dmitri Kouzmenko (IBSurgeon)

Coffee Break

Vista externa do local do evento

Holger Klemt (IBExpert)

Stand da ActiveDelphi

Vista parcial do teatro

Alexandre B. Smith e Eduardo Jedliczka

Luiz Paulo entregando os manuais do IBExpert para o ganhador

Luiz Paulo de Oiveira Santos (DB FreeMagazine)

Stand da FireBase




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