6º Firebird Developers Day


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The 6th edition of the Firebird Developers Day Brazilian Conference was held in in the city of Piracicaba-SP-Brazil, at July, 04 2009, in the UNIMEP university campus, with the presence of 480 attendees. With all the expectations and uncertainties due to the global crisis, the Brazilian FDD conference still kept his position as the biggest Firebird Conference in the world (regarding number of attendees).

For the first time in Brazil, Vlad Khorsun (one of the Firebird Core Developers) could speak to the Brazilian crowd in his two sessions. Dmitry Kuzmenko (from IBSurgeon) also participated as speaker, for the third time. Dmitry is becoming a native Brazilian, and is already addicted to caipirinha ;)

The speakers of this edition were: Mauricio Longo, Carlos H. Cantu, Alexandre Benson Smith, Marcos P. Gomes, Bruno Lichot, Dmitry Kuzmenko (IBSurgeon), Luiz Paulo de Oliveira Santos, Vlad Khorsun, Andreano Lanusse and Eduardo Jedliczka.

Even the atypical day (with lots of fog floating around) was not enough to discourage the attendees, which spent the whole day learning and exchanging ideas about Firebird. As always, the attendees could buy licenses of various tools and components, from IBSurgeon, Upscene, FastReports, IBObjects, DevRace, etc.

The final draw was full of gifts, including several licenses of tools and components, and a license of RAD Studio. We also took the opportunity to collect some money for the Firebird Foundation.

I would like to thanks all the speakers, sponsors, attendees, UNIMEP, IBSurgeon (who sponsored Vlad's flight tickets) and all the other people that was involved in some way with the realization of this conference.

Wish to see all of you again in 2010, in the 7th FDD!

Carlos H. Cantu

Alexandre Benson Smith

Luiz Paulo de Oliveira Santos

Maurício Longo

Day with atypical weather

Dmitry Kuzmenko (left) and Carlos Cantu (as translator)

Green room

Eduardo Jedliczka

IBSurgeon's stand

FireBase's stand

ActiveDelphi's stand

Embarcadero's stand

Carlos H. Cantu

Bruno Lichot

Marcos P. Gomes

Red room

Andreano Lanusse (Embarcadero)

Coffee Break

Coffee Break time

Vlad Khorsun (left) and Mauricio (translator)

Madness session (all speakers together)

Partial view of the theater


Patrocinadores FastReport

Sessions grid