9º Firebird Developers Day


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The 9th edition of the Firebird Developers Day was held in in the city of Piracicaba-SP-Brazil, at July, 21 2012, in the UNIMEP university campus, with the presence of 510 attendees.

The conference had 11 talks and 1 mini-course. The speakers were: Carlos H. Cantu, Alexandre Benson Smith, Paulo Quicoli, Jederson Zuchi, Alexey Kovyazin, Kelver Merlotti, José de Araújo Filho, Roberto Carlos da Silva, Luiz Paulo de Oliveiras Santos and Marcelo Daibert. The grid of talks can be seen at the bottom of this page.

As always, attendees could buy products from sponsors with very special discounts!

This year attendees donated R$ 4.280,00 to sponsor the enhancement of the Firebird wire protocol. The work will be done by Dmitry Yemanov, chief of the Firebird development team.

I would like to thanks all the speakers, sponsors, attendees and all the other people that was involved in some way with the realization of this conference.

I hope to see you again in the next year, at the 10th FDD!

Carlos H. Cantu


Front of the theater



All speakers (Madness session)

Marcelo Daibert

Carlos H. Cantu


Partial view of theater attendees

Luiz Paulo de Oliveira Santos

José de Araújo Filho

Kelver Merlotti

Alexandre Benson Smith

Roberto Carlos da Silva

Partial view of theater attendees


Alexey Kovyazin


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Talks grid