8º Firebird Developers Day


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The 8th edition of the Firebird Developers Day was held in in the city of Piracicaba-SP-Brazil, at July, 23 2011, in the UNIMEP university campus, with the presence of 600 attendees.

The conference had 16 talks done by Carlos H. Cantu, Alexandre Benson Smith, Paulo Quicoli, Jederson Zuchi, Eduardo Jedliczka, Alexey Kovyazin, Michael Philippenko, Marcos Gomes, Kelver Merlotti, Wagner Ramos and Carlos Henrique Rodrigues. The grid of talks can be seen at the bottom of this page.

As always, attendees could buy products from sponsors with very special discounts!

This year attendees donated about USD 2,600 for the Firebird Foundation. This is an important sign that the community is aware of the importance of contributing with money to the Foundation, to assure a bright future for the Firebird Project.

I would like to thanks all the speakers, sponsors, attendees, UNIMEP, and all the other people that was involved in some way with the realization of this conference.

I hope to see you again in the next year, at the 9th FDD!

Carlos H. Cantu


Wagner Ramos (Object)

Partial view of the Theater audience

Jederson Zuchi

Partial view of the green room audience

Kelver Merlotti (Embarcadero)

Eduardo Jedliczka

Alexey Kovyazin (IBSurgeon)

Fast Report e Embarcadero's stands

IBSurgeon's stand

Michael Philippenko (Fast Reports)


Stands area

FireBase's stand

Luiz Paulo de Oliveira Santos

Marcos Gomes

Partial view of the red room audience

Carlos H. Cantu (FireBase)


Paulo Quicoli

Partial view of the green room audience

Coffee Break

Alexandre Benson Smith

Partial view of the Theater audience

Partial view of the red room audience

Alexey Kovyazin (IBSurgeon)

Madness Session


Patrocinadores FastReport Object Sistemas

Talks grid

Firebird Foundation donation